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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Al-Misk Quran Academy’s experienced, highly qualilified  instructors offer  Quran classes through personalized, one-to-one, online sessions that are suitable for the entire family .

                     Step 1 :

   Schedule an evaluation

One of our highly skilled evaluators will check your knowledge and proficiency level and interpret your needs for learning Considering your previous knowledge and what are you passionate to learn .

                            Step 2:

Review your evaluation report

You’ll receive your full evaluation report within 24 hours outlining your competencies in both Arabic and Quran; along with a detailed study plan and the name of your instructor, class timings and other relevant information.

                    Step 3:

Start your lessons

You’ll then receive a welcome email that contains a link to access your dedicated virtual classroom. Your lessons will begin on your nominated start date You have already chosen according to your preference .

Remote Learning

Easy and quick  access to your classes 

Fill in the Application below and our support team will contact you through whatsapp in 24 hours to schedule your classes!

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Al-Misk Quran Academy is a trusted provider of online Quran classes worldwide.

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